Benefits of Replacement Windows

Your home doesn’t feel as comfortable as it used it be and you’ve been told your windows might be the problem. What are the benefits of replacement windows? Replacing your windows is a home improvement project that gives you returns moving forward.

Here are some benefits: 

Replacement windows can increase your home value. A homeowner can get up to 71% of the project cost when it’s time to resell 1. According to a CNBC article on home improvement, Vinyl replacement windows are “a functional update” that can bump up an asking price on a house about $8,500 and can also be appreciated for improving the energy efficiency of the home.2 Another way replacement windows can help you get your money back is with energy efficiency. With energy efficient windows you can save money by cutting down on your energy costs. With properly insulated windows, your furnace and A.C won’t have to work as hard to keep your home comfortable. You’ll cut down on heating and cooling costs.

Older windows that may be hard to open can be a safety hazard. In case of emergency, your windows should be easy to open. Getting your windows replaced enhances the safety of your home. According to the National Safety Council, “most residential building codes, bedrooms, and other sleeping areas must have a secondary means of escape in case of fire or smoke, and that exit is often a window.”3  You don’t want your windows getting stuck while trying to open them. You also don’t want them falling unexpectedly when you expect them to stay open, especially if you’re cleaning them or are trying to escape through them.

Newer windows with top-notch insulation and glass can help eliminate outdoor noises, helping keep the peace and quiet comfort of your home.

New windows with matching capping and amazing clarity can enhance the beauty of your home. Curb appeal and when you look out your window. Along with the beauty comes less time spent cleaning as well. Newer windows are now designed to be more convenient for cleaning, so you spend less time cleaning your windows and more time enjoying the comfort and safety they bring to you.

Most windows generally need replacement about seven years after installation. Is your home ready for new windows? While you’re researching and considering choosing a contractor to work on your windows, don’t forget to check out our blog about Warranties (do the link thing to warranties to the last blog). Your home is an investment and it should stay comfortable for you.

Replacement windows help keep your house feeling like home.

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