Advantages of Vinyl Windows

When it’s time to get replacement windows, there are many things to consider; the framing, types of glass, costs, and energy efficiency of the window just to name a few.

A window has two important parts, the glass, and the frame. There are many frame types on the market such as wood, aluminum, and vinyl. We’re going to go over vinyl frames in this post. Vinyl is one of the most popular frames on the market. If you’re more interested in the glass check out our last blog on double vs. triple pane glass windows.

Vinyl has been around for less than a century but has become one of the biggest competitors for wooden frames over the last half century[1]. They became popular in Germany after WW2 when there was a shortage of traditional materials like aluminum, wood, and steel. Vinyl framing was used for a majority of their windows as they rebuilt the country[1]. Designs for vinyl windows improved and started to grow in popularity. Vinyl accounts for about 3 of every 4 residential windows.

So what has made vinyl so popular? What are the benefits?

Durability & Maintenance – Vinyl windows are typically built to last years with very little maintenance.  They don’t need repainting and tend to be scratch resistant. However, that depends on the blend. Pure virgin vinyl is about 100% scratch resistant. Easy to clean if you live in a dusty area or after a rainy season. Just wipe with a soft cloth or paper towel soaked in warm soapy water or window cleaner. It doesn’t corrode or rust like aluminum or break down like wooden frames. It is also not affected by salt and doesn’t absorb moisture so you can use them in homes near the ocean[3].

Energy Efficiency – Vinyl windows are better insulated and help keep the heat out during the summer. They work well in the winter. You’re able to keep rooms comfortable without having to draw the blinds to keep the outside temperature from seeping in. Pair with heat reflective film & efficient window glass and you’ve got a super-efficient window.

Pricing – Vinyl windows are high quality but not necessarily out of your price range. They come in a variety of prices depending on what shape, size, style or color you need. No matter what you end up paying for them, the efficiency is also an added bonus saving you money on your energy bill.

Options – Vinyl windows work with any style home because they come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and styles to fit every home’s needs.

At the end of the day, vinyl has many advantages that other window frames don’t. But when it comes down to choosing the right vinyl window, you want to make sure it’s pure vinyl and not a blend in order to enjoy the full benefits.

Choosing the next windows for your home can get stressful but don’t get overwhelmed, experts are available to help you.

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