Signs it’s Time for Window Replacement

Windows are an important part of every home. They provide security, comfort and add value to your home. Unfortunately, windows don’t last forever. But when it comes time to change make sure you upgrade to the right windows for your home. But how do you know when your windows are due for replacement?

Here are a few symptoms your windows display when they’re ready to be replaced

Drafts –Do you have cold drafts coming into your home in the winter? Chilly spots near windows even with the heat is cranked high? Drafts in your home contribute to high energy bills because you’re letting the warm air out in the winter and hot air in during the summer.  Leaky windows?  That is as bad as leaving your back door open in the winter with the heat on. You’ll be letting hard earned money right out through cracks in your windows while making your heater and air conditioner work harder to try and keep your home comfortable.

Hard to open and close – One of the great perks of windows is that they keep the outside sounds and air out of your home but can let the outside world in if you choose to. If your windows are difficult to open and you have to wrestle them when you want to let a little air into your home, then it’s time to replace them.

Rotting – If your windows are wooden and look like they’re rotting, it’s time for a replacement. Rotting windows look bad, can be hard to open and close, and the frames start failing in supporting the window glass.

Condensation – Frost build up and condensation on your windows shouldn’t be the norm. Condensation is a sign that the window insulation has been compromised. Without proper insulation, your windows let your heating out and the cold air in. Make sure to be on the lookout for condensation in your windows.

If your windows have any of these symptoms, it’s time to replace them. You can read about the benefits of replacement windows here.

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