Repurposing your Attic

Attics can be an essential part of any house when used properly.  Unfortunately, most attics go unused and are practically dusty, dark, empty spaces.  Use it for additional storage and living space. Redo your attic into a bedroom, a library, a reading nook, cozy retreat or anything you can think of.

attic bedroom

Here are some awesome ways you can repurpose your attic and get the most out of it. Of course, a properly insulated attic helps keep your home’s temperature controlled.

Attic Supply Storage:

Instead of leaving it as a dusty, dark space you sometimes throw old things up in, your attic can be transformed to store all kinds of things from clothing to craft supplies. If you’re into arts and crafts or work from home, the attic can be cleaned out and have storage shelves and cubicles built into it with lighting so you can store all of your supplies up there.

Reading Nook/Library:

Got an empty attic and in need of a reading nook? You can repurpose your attic to be a reading nook or even a little home library with built-in shelves and reading area. You can climb up to quiet solitude at any moment and enjoy your own personal reading space.


Got a big attic space? Convert it into an extra bedroom in your home.  Fit it with a bed, it could be a transforming bed that comes out of the wall if there isn’t enough room or a normal twin size bed. Build in shelves and a dresser for storage, add in ventilation and you’ve got yourself a livable bedroom.

Empty room :

Or if you don’t want to put anything, keep it empty! Clean it out, add some ventilation and lights and it’ll be perfect for an impromptu playroom, the kids can use it for sleepovers, or to just look at the stars at night.

A properly insulated attic will save you money on your energy bill in the long term. Attic insulation is very important to eliminating drafts coming from the attic and keeping your home feeling cozy and comfortable. Check out some of the perks of home insulation.  

If you have windows in the attic consider replacing them with energy efficient windows.

**credit for bedroom photo: Rustic Kids by Ottawa Photographers Dyanne Wilson Photography