Unlock Your Homes Curb Appeal with These Four Easy DIY Projects

“Do it Yourself” projects can be very intimidating especially if you are not particularly skilled with your hands, but doing projects on your own is important when trying to increase the curb appeal of your home. No matter what your skill level is, this blog will show you some projects that are both easy and effective!

Replace older house numbers

Take some time to look for house numbers that look similar to your outside lights or your door and, especially if they are further away from the road, offer a good amount of contrast compared to the color of your home. If your home is a paler color such as light yellow, white, or grey, it would be smart to find a number that is black, brown or bronze. If your home is a darker color, white, gold, and silver will pop out well. These numbers are easy to install and are easy to find online or at hardware stores.

Plant flowers

                Plant flowers in front of your house or along your sidewalk to let people know that your home is a place of life and is well maintained. If you are planting them in the fall, look for flowers that match fall color tones like red, orange, and yellow. Feel free to get creative with how the flowers are displayed, whether they are in the ground or in pots.

Trim messy branches

                Trees and bushes can be wonderful accents to your yard but when they start taking away from people’s ability to see the front of your home they become a problem. To effectively trim these branches, use a pair of pruning shears (if you do not have your own, maybe a neighbor will let you borrow theirs) and cut back areas of trees or bushes that are taking away from your homes visibility. A good way to find out which areas need to be cut is to take a picture of your house from the street!

Power wash

                This is most likely the most expensive and definitely the loudest option on our list but it is extremely effective! If you already own a power washer, (or know someone who will let you borrow theirs) great! If not, there are ways to rent them for the day for $50-$100. Power washing your siding, sidewalk, windows, flower pots, concrete fixtures, and pretty much anything else will make your home look brighter and cleaner!

All of these projects can be done no matter how good you are with your hands and they all will make your home look bright and inviting to everyone who sees it. Set aside a weekend day or two and spend some time unlocking your home’s curb appeal!