Three Winter Hacks to Defrost Your Car Faster

With temperatures dropping below 30 and even 20 degrees in recent weeks, it is safe to say that winter weather has officially arrived. With winter comes the inevitable snow and ice storms as well as the ever-present morning frost. With this blog we will hopefully be able to give you some tricks to help you defrost your car on those cold mornings and get to work on time.

Use Plastic Bags to Prevent Side Mirror Frost

Wrap your car’s side mirrors with gallon-sized plastic bags and rubber bands overnight. When you get out to your car in the morning, simply remove the bags to reveal completely ice-free mirrors! Leave the bags and rubber bands in your glove compartment and put them on when you get home for the night to avoid an extra
trip outside.

Put Old Socks to New Use

Most of us know that propping up your windshield wipers the night before a storm is a good strategy to keep them from getting damaged. There is one more thing you can do, however, to keep them in good shape. Put an old sock (the bigger the better) on each blade to keep the blades from collecting ice during the storm. After removing them, let them dry/melt on your vehicles floor mat and put them in the glove compartment next to your plastic bags!

Take it Back to Chemistry Class

It can be a huge pain to manually scrape ice off of your windows and windshield. Luckily there are some easy to make combinations that create melting sprays. Spraying these on your windshield on an icy morning will drastically speed up the defrost time of your car! The first one is made with two parts 70% Isopropyl alcohol and one part water in a spray bottle. The alcohol in this mixture will be very effective against ice due to its low freezing point. The next mix will be made by filling the spray bottle with water then adding a scoop or two of salt (If you are able to find road salt it will work even better). Just like the alcohol mixture, salt water has a low freezing point so the ice on your car will begin to melt immediately. Simply spray one of these mixtures on your windshield and windows and it will make your scraping much easier.

Mornings are hard enough as it is, and removing ice and snow make them even more difficult. With a little bit of preparation, your mornings can be easier and quicker! Hopefully you can take at least one of these tips and utilize it in your morning routine to get your vehicle moving as quick as possible.