What Makes HR40 Windows Different From the Rest?

When HR40 products are manufactured, they are made with a commitment to high quality. All HR40 products feature the finest double-pane glass and best insulation possible and with numerous custom sizes and styles, you can ensure that you will find a window or door that fits your home perfectly. No matter what style, shape, or size you chose, all HR40 products share these premium quality components:

Unified Construction

HR40 products are completely welded together. The reason this matters to you is that this results in a much sturdier and higher quality product for your home. There are no visible seams, resulting in the highest quality and longest lasting seal possible and overall giving you peak efficiency in your home.

Intercept Spacer

This thermal barrier is an HR40 exclusive that insulates your windows. Among other features, this barrier will greatly reduce condensation and overall improve the comfort level of your home. It is a staple in all of our products and, along with allowing the window to perform longer than any other window, delivers the highest levels of energy efficiency possible.

Krypton Insulate

Rather than the typical Argon Gas, HR40 Windows feature a denser, better insulator in Krypton Gas. This gas works in combination with the rest of the features we are talking about in this blog to create premium insulation in your home.

Heat Mirror Technology

Another HR40 exclusive, the suspended heat-mirroring film in our glass pairs with the Krypton Gas to create a seal between your home and the weather outside that insulates better than some walls. This heat mirror is designed to perform in all kinds of weather, keeping the energy you use in your home from escaping and keeping the weather outside from getting in.

HR40 Windows are constructed with your best interests in mind. A combination of the highest quality glass on the market and proprietary HR40 features create the most successful window possible, keeping you comfortable and saving you money on your energy bills.