The Benefits of Heat Mirror Technology

Your home should be a place where you are comfortable at all times. This comfort is often compromised by the weather outside making your home either too cold or too hot. One great way to combat the weather outside is to install energy efficient windows in your home. In steps the HR40 window system, one of the best windows on the market, and its Heat Mirror Technology is something that separates it from every other window. That begs the question, however, of “What is Heat Mirror Technology and how would it help me stay comfortable in my home?” We are here to answer that for you!

Heat Reflection

HR40’s Heat Mirror film technology reflects heat away from it by using very small coatings of metal. This feature is especially useful because it works in two different ways. Heat is reflected back to its source meaning whether the heat is being generated from inside or outside your home, it stays there. This means that during the winter, your homes heat will stay inside and in the summer, the heat will stay out, allowing your home to use less energy to keep you comfortable.

UV protection

UV rays can be harmful to your home’s furniture and plants as well as you and your family. Heat Mirror Technology on the HR40 Window is engineered to block out up to 99.5% of the sun’s UV rays. The clear glazing on our windows controls temperature swings in the home, protecting your family, pets, plants, and furniture from UV rays.

Energy Efficiency

As noted above, HR40 Windows and the Heat Mirror Technology are effective year-round due to being able reflect heat back to its source. The result of this year-round effectiveness is that your home’s energy consumption is minimized while your comfort is maximized.

Your comfort is very important and if you find yourself constantly bundled up in the winter or sweating in your favorite chair during the summer, it might be time to replace your windows. So if your home needs to use a lot of energy to remain comfortable, HR40 Windows may be the secret ingredient you need to be happier and to save on energy costs.