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Your Customers

No one knows your customers like you do. No one knows your market like you do. But we do know if you’re not selling HR40 windows, your customers aren’t getting the best.

They deserve the best and not an iota less! And that’s what we provide to our HR40 Dealers. The HR40 is simply the best value for your customers, bar none, hands down, no contest.

There is just no other window that can compete in terms of style, efficiency and cutting-edge technology.

Since its inception, we’ve been helping local dealers effectively pitch and sell customers who are looking for high efficiency windows, the HR40 window. We want to help you do the same. If you’re looking to get into the high-efficiency vertical, the HR40 product line is a fantastic entry point.

With an extensive catalog with options for every home, isn’t it time to let all of your customers know that their home could be a high efficiency household?

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Not all windows are created equal. The HR40 represents a technological leap forward in efficiency, clarity and comfort.

Your Dealership

As a Qualified HR40 dealer, you’re going to have an edge on the competition, no matter what competitors you might have.

You’re getting everything you need to not only sell and service HR40 windows, but you’re also helping your customers partake in the peace-of-mind that the HR40 is the window for them.

Your dealership will have access to hands-on training from our marketing and sales departments, as well as promotional and informational brochures to give you access to the full breadth and scope of the HR40 line.

You’re not just selling the best windows on the market – you’re investing in the HR40 backbone to support your new business enterprise.

Your Investment

Just like your customers, your investment in HR40 means your money goes further. We don’t just send you a shipment of windows – we send you an entire system devoted to giving your customers the best possible experience, and helping you implement HR40 into your existing product line.

With HR40’s flexible dealership packages, we make it easy to start and expand your own HR40 window dealership. We offer both a Basic level and Premium level dealership package, with varying levels of included sales force training, logistical support, and back-end management tools.

Your Success

With over the decade of R&D and incremental refinement that has gone into the HR40, there’s no window that can even compete. All that you have to do is show your customers what it’s capable of.

We’ve already seen success stories in dealerships across the country. Once your customers see the difference the HR40 makes in their lives, these windows practically sell themselves.

“No one knows your customers like you do. But we do know if you’re not selling HR40 windows, your customers aren’t getting the best.”

Basic Package

  • Promotional Material

    With your qualification as a dealership, we will offer the newest promotional materials and brochures for HR40 windows. No need to produce your own material; let us provide you with it. Flyers, brochures, and catalogs are all included, as well as any digital assets you may want to use on your own website.

  • Level 1 Consulting

    We’ve been helping dealerships sell HR40 windows for over a decade now. Let us lend you our experience with our Level 1 Consulting. Level 1 Consulting will offer you marketing and sales strategy that will give you the best positioning for how to fit HR40 windows into your existing product line.

  • World Class Sales Training

    HR40 offers training seminars and webinars, meaning that your sales force won’t just be operating off of what our brochures and promotional paperwork says. You’ll hear from our CEO, Technicians and our very own Engineers how to best position the HR40 in your product line, the benefits it gives, demonstration techniques and more. After all, the best window on the market deserves the best sales force training available.

Premium Package

  • Back-End Systems

    Our dealers can also tap into our proprietary back-end resource management system. Our custom designed CRM is designed to help furnish your dealership with leads, track sales, and meet deadlines. Your field reps, as well as your technicians will be able to make use of our complete system on the job, as it is completely responsive and will work on cellphones and tablets.

  • Level 2 Consulting

    Level 2 Consulting offers you more insight into how to integrate your existing products and HR40 products into a comprehensive selling package. We will personally deep dive into the demographics of your market to form a custom strategy for selling your HR40 products in your market.

  • Computerized Support & Appointment Management

    Our premium package not only offers up an entire back-end toolkit, but the full resources of the HR40 network. Our specially designed appointment management software will allow your sales reps and technicians to check and amend their appointments while in the field, from a laptop, tablet or even their phone.

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