Fall Home Improvement Projects
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Fall Home Improvement Projects

When the kids finally go off to school it signals the summer is coming to an end. Soon after, football starts, the leaves change colors, and the temperature starts to cool down. This is an excellent time to catch up on all the yard work that you missed while you were enjoying your summer. In this article we’ve covered a few projects that you can manage to get done before Thanksgiving!

Exterior Paint

Fall provides an excellent opportunity to prepare the exterior of your home for the rough winter months. Adding some exterior paint and a touch up can significantly increase the life of your siding and trim. Don’t stop at just your siding, be sure to seal all surfaces, even stairs and your deck, to ensure they are prepared for the months ahead. You will thank yourself in the spring! Just a tip, it’s better to do this early in the fall because some paints do not work as well when the temperature is below 50 degrees.

Lawn Care

Another project that will benefit your home in the spring is attending to your lawn. Making sure to rake all of your leaves and dispose of them off of your lawn is very important to ensure that your grass doesn’t die due to lack of oxygen under the leaves and snow. Fertilizing and winterizing your grass, trees, and shrubs will allow them to be preserved and protected from the harsh winter elements. While professional lawn care services can make this a quick and painless process, they come at a price.

Replacement Windows

The fall is an excellent time to replace the windows in your home. This is because the winter is when you’ll find out the hard way that you should have replaced your windows earlier. If your windows are old, it is likely that during the winter your home is going to become very drafty. This is also a sign that your windows are faulty, and are leaking the warm air from inside your home. As a result of this, your heating system is going to need to work on overdrive to keep your home nice a warm, causing your energy bill to skyrocket. Replacing your windows will make your home more energy efficient, warmer during the cold winter months, and eliminate those bone chilling drafts. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts to ensure that you are choosing the perfect windows for your home!

Roof Repair/ Replacement

The cold weather that occurs in the winter can sometime cause a small roof leak. This can turn into a significant problem especially over the course of the long winter. It’s also important to make sure that your roof has no structural damage. Since it’s impossible to predict how much snowfall will be coming this season, its best to play it safe. A weak roof is going to have a tough time supporting the heavy weight of snow. It’s best to have a professional work on your roof as it takes expertise.

Fireplace Repair

It important to keep up with inspections of your fireplace to guarantee safe operation. An expert can check chimneys to make sure there is no flammable build-up such as birds nests. They can also make sure the dampers are functioning properly, make sure there is no damaged brickwork or masonry, or damaged flue caps.

These are manageable and easily able to be completed during the fall months. While some of these require the help of an expert, there are also many other projects that are inexpensive and easy to complete alone. You’ll be happy you decided to do this once the spring rolls around!

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