Best Activities To Do With Your Kids In Connecticut

As if it wasn’t hard enough to keep yourself occupied during the social distancing era we have found ourselves in, keeping your kids from being bored is even harder. Most activities that children enjoy, or find fun require them to be in close contact with others. Businesses that host activities like these are having a hard time operating in a safe manner at this time. This results in most places not being open for business. In case you are running out of ideas for ways to keep your children entertained, we’ve thought of a few ideas for you.

Go For A Walk Or A Hike

A walk or a hike is a great way to get the kids out of the house. It is also a physically exhausting activity which means afterwards they are going to be less energized. There are plenty of great places to hike in the Connecticut area. The mountainous terrain offers a plethora of great views around the state. If climbing mountains seems too strenuous, other options simply include walking trails. Walking trails are still a great activity and have the same results as hiking, just not as tiring. Both activities provide a great experience with nature and give you and your kids a reason to leave the house. Hopefully afterwards they need a nap, so that you can have some peace and quiet for a little while!

Go To The Beach

Another great outdoor activity that your kids will enjoy is a nice trip to the beach. People at the beaches have done a pretty good job at keeping their distance, so that should not be a worry. There are many great activities to do at the beach with your children. The wide range of activities for your kids to enjoy guarantees they will find something fun to keep them occupied. This can range anywhere from playing in the sand, hunting for sea shells, walking on the beach, and swimming in the ocean.. You can even eat lunch on the beach and get a good tan yourself. There are several good beaches in Connecticut, but if you’re willing to drive a little further, Rhode Island has some even better beaches. Either way, this is a good way to get out of the house and have an enjoyable day with your kids.

Play A Round Of Mini-Golf

This is often an overlooked activity that can actually be a lot of fun. There is a good variety of places to play in the area and each course is unique in the theme. While some holes can be a bit challenging, overall it is a pretty easy so any age range will be able to have fun. The course we recommend is in Berlin, and it is called Safari Golf. It is also fairly inexpensive, with some places charging as little as $7 per person to play. There are also some places that have additional attractions at their courses such as, go karts, batting cages, or even bumper boats. In fact, you can make an all day event out of it, doing all of these activities in one day. You’re going to need to work on your short game a little before you take your kids to play mini-golf, just to make sure that they don’t unexpectedly beat you!

Watch The Sunset

This does differ from the other activities in the sense that it is more relaxing, but just as enjoyable. Watching the sunset is an awesome activity because it’s not as hot as other parts in the day as well as the fact it can be absolutely gorgeous. There are some great places to sit down with a blanket or a lawn chair and enjoy a nice pizza with your family. There are some great places in Connecticut to catch the sunset including Elizabeth Park in West Hartford. Elizabeth Park overlooks the area of Downtown Hartford, which looks beautiful when the sun is setting. The sunlight reflecting off of the glass with the pink sky in the background really looks like a piece of art.

Make A Bonfire

This one is something that you can do right in your backyard! Creating a bonfire isn’t incredibly hard as long as you have a general idea of what you’re doing. While you are able to purchase fire wood at most hardware stores, you can also scavenge wood from the woods nearby your house. Just make sure that the wood is dry otherwise it will have a harder time burning. You can also roast quite a few different foods over the fire that your kids will love to eat. These include hot dogs and marshmallows as well as anything else you think can be cooked on a stick over an open flame. Just make sure that if you are getting marshmallows to also get graham crackers and chocolate to make some s’mores!

Hopefully this has given you some good ideas to do with you kids to get them out of the house during times when they have nothing to do. Each of these activities will leave your kids tired and fulfilled for at least a few days. Maybe if you’re lucky you can even find some quiet time for yourself while they are recovering from the long day!

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