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Are you satisfied with your home’s energy efficiency? High thermal transfer can raise your heating bill in the winter, leading you to grow frustrated wondering how you can lower your monthly energy spend. Peoples Products has the solution: the HR40 replacement window. The old, worn-out windows on your Glastonbury, Connecticut, home might be to blame for skyrocketing energy bills. The HR40 window, however, is crafted with key features to enhance energy efficiency, such as:

Heat Mirror Technology

Our exclusive heat mirror technology helps the HR40 window insulate like a wall instead of a window. Heat mirror technology is so effective, it named one of the top 100 inventions of the millennium by Popular Science.

Intercept Spacers

Our proprietary intercept spacers work to prevent condensation from building up between dual panes of glass in the window. Not only does this enhance thermal efficiency, but it makes a longer-lasting window, too.

Krypton Gas

Many of our competitors use argon gas fills for their windows, but we take it a step further by incorporating krypton gas for maximum insulating power. Why krypton gas? Because it’s twice as dense as argon gas, making it far superior to the competition.

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Would you like to improve your Glastonbury, CT, home’s energy efficiency? Our HR40 windows are crafted to enhance your home and look great while doing it. Contact Peoples Products today to learn more about the exclusive HR40 replacement window and schedule a free consultation.

“Quality service & product. The HR40 window is a high quality window; I love the safety features it has to offer. The salesman did a great job, along with the rest of the staff in the company.”

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“Windows and sliding glass door were a big improvement from what I had. No drafts and a noticeable difference. They are easy to clean because of the tilt feature which I think is very nice. The neighbor even got the same windows! They also block out the noise very well, which is a plus.”

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