Attic Insulation & Home Energy Makeovers for Newington, CT, Area Residents

Attic InsulationDid you know that Southern New England residents pay some of the highest energy bills in the nation? This is due to New England’s location at the tail end of the nation’s natural gas and oil fields, which creates a constraint on the amount of natural gas we receive; gas that more than half of our local power plants run on. Thanks to this constraint, prices spike in the winter due to the limited supply. Given this troubling fact, your home’s energy efficiency is more essential than ever. To avoid paying an arm and a leg every month in energy bills, consider having fresh attic insulation installed and a home energy makeover performed by Peoples Products of Newington, CT.

Attic Insulation

One of the best defenses you have against energy leakage? Strong, effective attic insulation. At Peoples Products, we offer eco-friendly, blown-in insulation to help improve your home’s thermal efficiency. To top it off, we also install multilayer thermal-reflective insulation along the attic rafters to protect your home from the sun’s radiant heat. Most attics are used simply for storage; why spend your hard-earned money heating and cooling it accidentally?

Air Sealing & Other Energy Leakage Fixes

We also offer home energy makeovers to ensure that your home is operating as efficiently as possible. Our home energy makeovers include a home energy & home improvement maintenance inspection during which we’ll take a look at every possible source of energy leakage in your home. We’ll provide expert advice on air sealing fixes and any other steps you should take to solve your home’s unique energy efficiency issues.

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At Peoples Products, we’re passionate about helping Southern New England homeowners combat high monthly energy bills through energy efficiency solutions. If you want to learn more about how our attic insulation and home energy makeovers could impact your home’s performance, get in touch with Peoples Products today to schedule a consultation at your Newington, CT, area residence.

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