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The purpose of insulation is to keep the outside elements from influencing your inside climate. After all, you pay to heat your home in the wintertime, so you don’t need unintentional cold air penetrating your living space. The same is true for the summer season when you don’t want your home to be 90 degrees, either.

Insulation comes in many forms, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to insulation installation. Your insulation problems could stem from a number of underlying issues — from convection to radiation (the non-nuclear kind) or conduction. Heat loss is complicated, and finding the right insulation for your house can be confusing. Hard or soft, foam or batts, fiberglass or mineral; the varieties can be pretty staggering.

That’s where Peoples Products comes in. We specialize in attic insulation. We’re going to assess your attic, figure out what type of insulation you’re going to require, and get it installed quickly. No one needs to spend undue amounts of time freezing or sweating.

We use a specialized, eco-friendly blown-in insulation on the floors of your attic to make sure that your home living space better retains its internal temperature. After all, you don’t want to be heating your attic space in the winter if you’re just using it for storage. Then, we line the rafters with multilayer thermal-reflective insulation to better protect your home from the radiant heat of the sun, especially in the summer months where you could be unnecessarily heating your home.  As opposed to some of our competitors who deal with single-layer radiant barriers, our multi-layer solution is a tri-part approach to all potential efficiency problems that your attic can suffer from.

Let us take care of your home attic insulation issues. Peoples Products has your solution.

“Quality service & product. The HR40 window is a high quality window; I love the safety features it has to offer. The salesman did a great job, along with the rest of the staff in the company.”

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“I would highly recommend this company to homeowners. We had a few windows installed by them and we really like the product. These guys were very helpful through the whole process and the house looks great.”

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