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How To Prevent Mold From Growing On Your Window

Mold at any point of the house is a bad sign and can be hazardous in a variety of ways. For one, it is not good for your health, and it can also pose a threat to the structure of your home. Usually, the bathroom, under the sink, or the fridge are the first to come to mind when thinking about where mold typically grows. This causes people to often overlook the windows as a haven for mold.

In reality, windows can be a breeding ground for mold. There are two main instances where mold will form on the window. The first would be if there is a leak in the window. If there is a leak in the window and it rains, that water can pool up and sit inside the frame. This could cause mold to develop. Another possibility is if the seal of the window becomes broken. This causes air to be trapped between the window panes, which eventually forms condensation. Overtime this can lead to the growth of mold.

In this article we will determine how to identify mold in or around the window and what you can do to prevent it.

How To Identify Mold On Your Windows

Mold usually appears in black or brown spots on the window’s surface or the frame. A common mistake that people make is that they wipe away the mold on the frame thinking they have eradicated it. It is common for the most to have started growing inside the frame of the wood. If this is the case the mold can still be present without being visual. If this is the case, your only course of action would be to remove the window and replace it.

Mold growing on the window pane

Mold can also grow on the glass surface of the window itself. It usually makes the window appear as foggy and grows in spots. It seems next to impossible to clean, even though you’ve tried every cleaning product under the sun! Scraping it does no good either because you are unable to access the mold. This is because the mold is actually growing in between the window panes. Again, the only way to remediate this problem is to replace the window itself.

Mold growing on the windows surface

How Can I Prevent The Mold From Growing In The First Place?

Mold is harsh on the eyes as well as being dangerous for your health. The best way to ensure mold will not grow in your house is to eliminate scenarios where it might grow. One of the best ways to combat the growth of mold in the home is to regularly clean. Mold grows as a result of dust becoming moist so wiping down surfaces that usually don’t get much attention is a good way to start.

Another way to prevent the growth of mold is to reduce condensation on your windows. It is important to know if the condensation is a result of a broken seal or because of temperature differences between the inside and outside of your home. Set the thermostat above 70 degrees to maintain proper airflow in the home. If condensation is still building up on your window, and it is not coming and going, you may have to replace your window entirely.

Overall, with the proper precautions taken, mold growth should not be something that you need to worry about. If you do suspect that mold is growing either on your window frame, or between the panes it is best to replace the window. Have one of our licensed professionals inspect your windows and go over your possible options with you.

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