Weatherproof vinyl capping and Krypton-filled glass. 
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Windows That Will Light Up Your Entire Home

Nothing brightens up a home like a big window – and nothing adds style like an HR40 bay or bow window.

HR40 bay and bow windows have a fit in every home, with flexible exterior angles, designer glass options, and options for casement or double-hung window configurations. Whether you’re looking to make a statement with beautiful leaded glass, or subtle grooving, an HR40 bay or bow window is engineered to impress.

The HR40 Bay & Bow Window

HR40 bow window diagram

A bow assembly is 4-9 picture or casement windows in a shallow, curved gradiation. Bows offer your home a subtle curve, depth and increased luminance due to their shape and size.

HR40 Bay window diagram

A bay window is 3 casement, double hung or picture windows in a trapezoidal arrangement. It features a deeper seat, making it a great reading area or comfy nook.

Interior Veneer Options

External "Colorscape" Options

HR40 Bow windows in the living room

Bay/Bow Window Exclusive Features

  • Weather Tough

    Our proprietary vinyl capping system ensures that your bay or bow window is impervious to the damaging effects of wind and water erosion. All bay and bow solid wooden window frames are capped with vinyl, meaning that your window is as safe from the elements as it can possible be.

  • Engineered With Support In Mind

    Your bay or bow window comes with an insulated seat board with a tri-layer base. An interior stain-ready 1-1/4 inch oak or birch layer makes for an attractive seat or display area. An internally concealed turn-buck/cable system anchors your window to the structure of your home with a 1/4 inch steel cable, preventing sagging and unwanted horizontal bowing.

  • Flexible Configurations For Your Home

    Our bay and bow windows can be configured with anywhere between 3 and 9 windows, at 15, 30, 45 or 90 degree angles, meaning that your bay or bow can be as compact or expansive as your home will allow. All panels have optional casement or double-hung window configurations for the best usability and fit.

HR40 windows unrivaled efficiency
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