Great for any space. Easy-to-open sashes with full ventilation.


Sophisticated Designs, Easy Operation

An HR40 Casement, Hopper or Awning window is a perfect fit for any home. Awning and Hopper windows are great for all those small spaces that need some light but lack the room for a full-height window.

Hopper windows make great basement-level windows for letting cool, fresh air into the lower level of your home in the summer, but also keep the heat in during the cold months. Likewise, Awning windows are a great addition to any attic or bonus room where the windows might be closer to the roofline.

Casement, Hopper & Awning Window Exclusive Features

  • Easy Crank Handle

    All casement, awning and hopper windows have a sophisticated operating mechanism that maximizes the sash opening for full ventilation and accessible and easy maintenance. The easy, rotating lever facilitates minimal effort for maximum sash operation, and folds away and hides when not in use.

  • Secure, Safe and Sealed

    A multi-point locking system secures all closed crank windows in place when not in use.  Multiple pins engage the jamb receivers to compress and hold the sash in place, creating a weather tight seal that’s secure and prevents air and water infiltration.  This is all done through a single, simple flip of a switch.

  • Works In Tandem With Bays or Bows

    Our casement windows were made with style in mind. They look great seated next to double-hung or picture windows, but really shine when they’re used within an HR40 bay or bow fixture.  No combination of windows gets you the accessibility and vibrance that a combination bow/casement setup provides. And as with all things HR40, they blow the industry standard efficiency rating out of the water.

HR40 Casement, Awning & Hopper Windows

Exterior "Colorscape" Options

HR40 casement windows in Bow assembly
Casement Windows Look GREAT in a Bow Assembly
HR40 windows in the kitchen
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