Fusion-welded framing. Dual tilt-out sashes. Elegant beveled exterior.  Insulated glass.

Time for a New "Standard"

There’s nothing “standard” about our custom double hung windows. HR40 windows go above and beyond “standard” to give you windows that fit every aspect of your life.

Enjoy our dual-tilt sash that provides a much easier cleaning experience.

Double-Hung Exclusive Features

  • Superior Insulation

    Lock in your internal climate better with the HR40 Double Hung Window’s “ILS” sill interlock. The ILS engages with a compression bulb seal, reducing the risk of water infiltration, as well as improving the insulation power of the window further.

  • Triple Weather Seals

    Rain, shine or anything in between won’t get through the triple weather seals on the HR40. The triple seal works in tandem with all the other insulation features of the HR40 to create a more truly impressive and efficient window.

  • Improvements On An Old Design

    Insulated vinyl interlocks at the meeting rail blocks air and water at the most susceptible point on traditional double-hung windows. When the cam lock is engaged, it further improves the HR40’s insulation properties, giving it a near air-tight seal.

HR40 windows in the kitchen
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