HR40 Double Hung Window

Fusion-welded framing. Dual tilt-out sashes. Elegant beveled grooved vinyl. Insulated glass. Less Vinyl more glass. More view.

Maximum Efficiency

Lock in your internal climate better with the HR40 Double Hung Window’s “ILS” sill interlock. The ILS engages with a compression bulb seal, reducing the risk of water infiltration, as well as improving the insulation power of the window further, eliminating air leaks

Triple Weather Seals

Rain, shine or anything in between won’t get through the anti-microbial triple weather seals of the HR40. The triple seal works in tandem with all the other insulation features of the HR40 to create a more truly impressive and efficient window.

Power-Strength Glass

Going well beyond the IRC building codes, HR40 windows are all double tempered for maximum strength. Not only that, they are self-cleaning on the outside with our rain-wash clean feature.

Well Beyond the Standard of Energy Star

Going well beyond the energy star requirement, HR40 comes with a .18 u-value. There’s nothing “standard” about our custom double hung windows. HR40 windows go above and beyond “standard” to give you windows that fit every aspect of your life.

Enjoy our dual-tilt sash that provides a much easier cleaning experience.

All HR40 windows offer quality construction. Fusion welding on all the joints ensures your windows never leak. And last a lifetime and then some.
Dual-tilting sashes make for easy cleaning on all HR40 double-hung windows. With balance systems geared towards 7 pounds of pressure up or down, making it perhaps the easiest window to operate.

Triple weather interlocks that prevent air leakage from exiting or entering a home unnecessarily.

Internal chambers of the sashes and frame are filled with polyurethane foam insulation, further increasing the HR40’s already superior efficiency to that of an insulated refrigerator door. HOW INSUALTED IS THAT DOOR?
The secret to the HR40’s high efficiency lies within its heat mirror film, krypton (not argon) gas, and its foam filled frames. This trio adds up to a superior insulation value, and a window that keeps your home more comfortable.

Carefully selected vinyl casing capping that is textured in a color matched to your window. Making it look majestic, not compromised.

Ready for HR40?

Does the HR40 Double-Hung Window look like a possible good fit for your home?