Fusion welded framing. Twin or triple slider options. Easy-remove sashes. Foam-insulated internal chambers and heat-mirroring glass tech. All standard.
HR40 rises above average. Windows for every aspect of your life.

Simple Design, Long Lasting Performance

No one said simple couldn’t be beautiful. And with HR40 Gliding Windows, you get both simplicity and beauty, with unparalleled efficiency thrown in for good measure.

Each Glider sash is removable, making for easy cleaning and maintenance, making your window’s lifespan longer than it’s stationary competitors.

HR40 Glider Exclusive Features

  • Dual Weather Seals

    Rain, shine or anything in between won’t get through the dual weather seals on the HR40. The dual seal works in tandem with all the other insulation features of the HR40 to create a truly impressive and efficient window.

  • Fully Unitized Construction

    All HR40 Windows come standard with fully unitized construction. All vinyl frames and sashes are fusion welded at the factory. Your windows will retain their gas and foam insulation for longer, meaning your investment goes further. With unitized construction, your windows won’t suffer from black mold or condensation damage in the way conventional windows do.

  • More Natural Light Than Competitors

    Our low profile sashes mean that HR40 Gliders have more glass, and less framing. Now, the view from your open window isn’t obstructed by extra material on the vinyl sashes. Not only is the HR40 a clearer, more vibrant window, but it’s just more glass for your money.

HR40 windows in the kitchen
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