HR40 Garden & Picture Windows

A wide variety of architectural options. A beautiful display for your kitchen or bathroom. Energy efficiency, clarity and quality. All standard.

Array Of Architectural Shapes

Let your creativity come alive with HR40’s wide variety of picture window shapes and sizes. We offer half ellipses, half-round, quarter-round, full circle, octagon, pentagon, trapezoid and full oval picture windows. All of our windows, including picture windows, have options for leaded and grooved glass – so your HR40 Picture Window is guaranteed to match your home’s look and feel.

Garden Windows For Your Life

HR40 Garden Windows insulate like no other. They offer your kitchen or bathroom depth and distinction, giving you room to showcase your home garden. Full-ventilating side-casements ensure that your greenery gets fresh air, as well the unrivaled clarity that comes with all HR40 glass. With 1-1/8th inch premium grade oak & birch veneer framing, the HR40 Garden Window Offers you superior aesthetics.

A Color Palette For Any Home

All HR40 Windows come in an available base color of white or tan. But HR40 offers a variety of exterior colors and interior veneers. Our Colorscape option gives you the option of 5 different exterior colors, backed by a 10 Year Warranty. We also offer Oak, Cherry and Pecan interior veneers on all HR40 Windows. Flexible aesthetic options makes the HR40 a great choice for any home, inside and out.

Beautiful Windows To Showcase Your Home

HR40 also offers a variety of decorative windows for your home.

Looking to illuminate a room and simultaneously make an impressive statement? Look no further than an HR40 Picture window. HR40 picture windows come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, meaning you can let your creativity come alive.

Ready for HR40?

Does an HR40 Garden or Picture Window look like a possible good fit for your home?