Our History

Strong Enough For The Empire State Building – Elegant Enough For Your Home

Unified Construction

All HR40 Products are fully unified – all parts are fusion welded at the factory. Frames and sashes have no visible seams, meaning that your products stays insulated and sealed, for a longer, more efficient lifespan.

Intercept Spacer

The proprietary “Intercept” spacer, HR40 products create a unique thermal barrier on all their glass surfaces. This better insulates your glass, resulting in less condensation forming on the inside of your windows, making for a more comfortable home and a longer-lasting window.

Krypton Insulate

All HR40 glass is insulated with Krypton gas, rather than the traditional Argon Gas(1). Krypton is a denser, more insulating gas, and works in tandem with our suspended heat-mirror film to give you a more serious insulation rating.

A Serious History

Sometimes you have to look back to go forwards. And when we were designing the HR40 Window, that’s exactly what we did.

As a company, our aim was to create the most energy efficient window we possibly could. We didn’t have to look far – we already had an excellent meter for success: The Empire State Building.

In 2010 the Empire State Building underwent a complete glass overhaul, a cooperative venture between Serious Glass and Johnson Controls Inc. The new windows that would be replacing the old double-pane Argon-insulated windows would boost the efficiency rating of the Empire State Building’s glass from R2 to R5-R8, a truly astronomical spike.

When we saw what Serious Glass could do for the Empire State Building, we knew we wanted to put that technology in the hands of homeowners. So our brightest minds sat down with the Serious designers and put their heads together to craft the HR40 Product Line – a newer, more powerful, residential version of the glass that is now found in the Empire state Building.

What Efficiency Means To Us

We are passionate about efficiency. In a world where we waste more and more every day, where excess is normal and bigger is always better, we choose to take the road less traveled.

It just so happens that a lot of people have been looking to take that road as well, but don’t know how.

A commitment to superior efficiency is a commitment with several different parts, each important in its own way. With every HR40 window we make, we make three separate little promises to you and your home.

  • We Promise Quality

    Putting your home's integrity, style and health over what's cheap or easy.

  • We Promise Economy

    Investing in better technology benefits your savings account in the long term, and adds value to your home.

  • We Promise A Better Enivronment

    Reducing our carbon footprint leaves our world greener and more verdant for our children.

HR40 vS Competitors

Origins of HR40 Windows

“Homeowners would be crazy to buy anything else.”

Ready For Hr40?

1HR40 Garden & Picture Windows are insulated with Argon Gas rather than Krypton gas, and as a result, also lack the heat-mirror barrier