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Our Promise
The most efficient windows available, for customers who want & need a greener life.

A Window With Goals

When we designed the HR40, we weren’t just designing a window; we were designing a better way to live. Was that a lofty ambition for a window? Yes. Did we do it anyway?

You bet we did.

HR40 windows represent a huge breakthrough in energy efficiency, residential design, strength and clarity. Our premium, high quality windows offer homeowners advantages that competing brands simply do not. All of our windows and doors come equipped with top-of-the-line, double-pane, Krypton-insulated, heat-mirroring glass. We don’t offer anything less, because we think you deserve the best.


Create a product that puts money back in your pocket, is environmentally responsible and technologically superior to its competitors.


A window with high quality glass that can brighten any room, even on a cloudy or overcast day.


Call upon the successes of tough, tried-and-true commercial glass to create the ultimate residential window.
HR40 windows unrivaled efficiency

Exceeding Expectations

The success and performance of the HR40 glass allowed us to invest in new ways to make the HR40 Window go from “Great” to “Superior.” Fusion welded framing, completely removable sashes, double and triple weather-lock seals, easily concealable cranks and tandem brass rollers all come standard across our HR40 window line.

Here’s what you can expect out of your HR40 Windows:

  • Unrivaled Efficiency: Double-pane, Krypton insulated glass works with a suspended proprietary heat-mirror film to give you one of the highest R-ratings on the market, and the highest savings in your pocket. 
  • Unparalleled Clarity: Not all glass is the same. Higher quality glasses are actually more transparent than others. Our high quality glass is the most clear, brightest glass out there. Your rooms will look brighter and more alive, letting more light in even on cloudy or overcast days.
  • Undeniable History:  HR40 didn’t develop itself by accident. The technology behind HR40 windows was inspired and co-designed by the same minds that created the windows for the Empire State Building. Not every residential window can claim a pedigree like that.

Delivering The Best Product. Period.

Because we believe that your windows are more than just pieces of glass.

Energy savings from HR40 windows, Google Nest

You shouldn’t be forced to choose between your home, your wallet, and your planet. HR40 windows offer the best value for your house, and the best investment a homeowner can make in energy conservation.

Keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer may seem like something that should “just work.” But as with everything else in life, the right outcome requires the right tools.

HR40 is one tool in your home efficiency toolbelt, and it outperforms the competition by leaps, bounds and miles in between.

An investment in HR40 truly is an investment in your home, your happiness and your environment.

No other window on the market insulates like the HR40 window, and that’s an achievement we’re proud to share.

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HR40 sliders for any size

There are so many reasons why HR40 Windows and Glass Doors are the best choice for your home.

Whether it’s the excellent, quality construction or the crystal-clarity of the glass, HR40 is, and always will be, the best glass for your home.

We don’t believe in cutting corners.

That’s why we spare no expense to deliver a great window to your home. Windows are custom made and fit for your house; not mass produced and shoehorned in to turn an easy dime.

That’s why our windows go above and beyond what other windows offer your home. We believe “turning it up to 11” is just the right thing to do when it comes to quality.

Quality is just something you can never have too much of.

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Every HR40 dealership receives hands-on training from our qualified sales staff.

Over 3 decades of sales training goes into each of our dealers. Dealerships learn the HR40 product line inside and out. From the benefits of the HR40 window, to it’s history and inception, they become experts on all things related to our brand.

Why? Why invest so much time and effort on dealers? Because our name is on it – and you deserve nothing less than amazing service. Our dealerships offer world-class retailing to you, because we offer our dealerships world-class training.

When they succeed, YOU benefit. And when you benefit, we know we did our job correctly.

It’s a little peace of mind, that makes a big difference.

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