See Why People Are Choosing HR40 For Their Homes

Susan O. - Rocky Hill, CT

"HR40 has the security lock-in and because of that I feel very secure. I can open my window at night and know someone can't crawl in while I'm asleep. I'm very proud to say I have HR40 Windows in my house."

Deidre B. - Enfield, CT

"The window that was changed first was the coldest room in the house. As soon as he changed it and put the HR40 Window in there, my daughter had turned off her space heater because it was warm immediately. She hasn't had the space heater on since...I was so ecstatic."

Fabio A. - Windsor, CT

"I'm very happy we installed the HR40. It has demonstrated (its worth) through my gas bill and my electric bill. We actually had to lower the heat of the house because it was too warm, and outside it was already two below zero."

More Happy HR40 Owners

Sheila H. - Glastonbury, CT

“The thing that surprised me the most was the amount of heat going out the windows and the amount of could that was coming in. When they showed me the same thing with the (HR40) Windows that wasn’t the case. Heat stayed in and the cold stayed out. The house will be more comfortable, it will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. I’m very, very pleased with my new windows.”

Warren P. - Woodbridge, CT

“The scheduling was in a reasonable amount of time which we were appreciative of. The installers were here as promised, they were polite, they were respectful of both the inside and outside of the home. They made sure we were happy and smiling before the truck pulled out of the driveway.”

Ryan G.

“Quality service & product. The HR40 window is a high quality window; I love the safety features it has to offer. The salesman did a great job, along with the rest of the staff in the company.”

Fotini S. - Ridgefield, CT

“The HR40 Window did a fabulous job in lowering my energy costs. It’s one of the best investments you can make for your home. The HR40 is just beautiful and easy to work with…the screen is even fabulous!”

Ron M. - Middletown, CT

“One of the things that impressed me with these vinyl windows was they were sealed in the corners. With my previous vinyl windows that’s where we had leak problems. These windows are good heat barriers… and I’ve seen a big improvement in soundproofing. To be honest… I’m noticing a lot less traffic noise than I’ve had with my old windows.”

Bruce and Holly A. - Kent, CT

“We’ve had the HR40 Windows for at least 5 years and it’s safe to say in those 5 years we’ve has some very brutal winters here. The house is more comfortable with these HR40 Windows in place… there’s no question the house looks better from the exterior. The detailed installation that was done really lends a lot to the exterior appearance of the house.”

Dana and Diane K. - Springfield, MA

“My thoughts on the HR40 Windows were ‘this is a window of my dreams… and I really think they are a big improvement to my house.’ The biggest thing that sold me was the Krypton gas for insulation purposes, the strength of the window on top of keeping out harmful UV rays, and just the quality craftmanship of the window.”

Dave C. - Brookfield, CT

“I want to be able to trust the product, I will spend a very long amount of time in this house with these windows and want to make sure that the money goes to the right place… and I like the product. I went online to different firms asking about the technology and a lot of people like the technology. Also, there’s a variety of people around the nation that have faith in the product. That’s when I decided, ‘Okay this is a good company worth my time and money to invest.'”

Joan K. - Granby, CT

“I like the HR40 Windows very much. We’ve noticed it’s always comfortable. We have enjoyed the climate in here since. In some cases it gives us more light, it opens up the house to the outdoors. The installers were very efficient and pleasant to have in the house.”

Bob and Barb D. - West Hartford, CT

“The glass is really clear, the framing of the windows looks really nice, really easy to clean… actually nice than what was originally here. It’s all just a really solid and professionally done. We’ll never have to touch them for the rest of the time we live here.”

Why People Love HR40 Windows

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