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Types Of Windows That Pair Well With Patio Doors

Patio doors are a great installation for exterior area’s of the home where there are porches, decks, or patio’s. While it is important to pay attention to the color schemes of the patio door itself, the complimenting windows on the side of the house are equally as important. Choosing the right windows to go with the patio door can enhance the home tremendously. Here are some of the best windows options to pair with patio doors.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are a great option to combine with a patio door, and are especially popular in modern and contemporary homes. Placing a picture window on either, or both sides of the patio door pairs well with the door itself. You get an unobstructed look at your outdoors before sliding open your patio doors.

Picture Window
A Picture Window

Glider Windows

Glider Windows are another great option when it comes to windows that pair well with patio windows. This is because they provide an excellent view of your outdoor area, but unlike picture windows they are able to be opened. This means that on a cooler day you can still ventilate your house as well as having a large window to look at your patio/ deck.

Glider Window
A Glider Window

Double Hung Windows

With double hung windows you have a lot more freedom. Since these types of windows can go with any type of architectural design they also make a great window to pair with patio doors. They go well with both French Patio doors as well as sliding glass doors. Double Hung Windows are the most common as well as affordable. They can also open and close providing ventilation to the home.

Double Hung Window
A Double Hung Window

Overall you have several options when it comes to choosing which windows to go with your patio doors. Whichever ones that you do choose, it is recommended that they utilize heat mirror technology and are built with quality glass.

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