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What Time of The Year Is Best To Replace My Windows?

In reality there is no perfect time to replace your windows. However, if you put off replacing your old, drafty windows you may notice this winter your house is colder than usual. Or you may notice during the summer you are paying more to cool your home to the ideal temperature. Each season has its benefits and disadvantages including hot and humid conditions in the summer, and freezing cold conditions in the winter. After talking with our team of experts we have determined the best time of year to start replacing your windows.

Winter and Fall

While it may not seem practical to start a job like this during the cold winter months, there are some benefits to cold weather window replacements. For one there is a lower demand in the winter months. This means that you will have to wait less time between ordering and installation because factories are receiving less orders. You may even find yourself with a little discount to incentivize you to go through with the project during the winter months. This is in addition to the energy efficiency boost as well as lower energy bills that you will notice once your windows are installed.

An issue with having work done in the winter is the winter weather. In CT and MA we tend to see a lot of snow during our winters. When major weather events occurs delays sometimes do happen. However, HR40 windows will keep complications to a minimum, doing whatever that is necessary to ensure the project goes as smoothly as possible. We can guarantee that the interior climate of the home will not be affected during our installation process. This will be accomplished by sealing off the room they are working in to keep cold air limited to one room.

Spring and Summer

While the Spring and the Summer may seem like the best time of the year to replace your windows, there is one major disadvantage, demand will spike. While the temperature will be more comfortable, you will have to wait longer for your windows to be shipped and installed. This is because there will be a long backlog from the large amount of other orders that are being placed at this time of the year. During the middle part of the summer demand usually starts to lower, and is the best time during the summer to complete the project.

It is important to consider replacing these windows during the summer months because that is when you see the biggest energy benefits. You’ll also find that the windows will keep the home much more comfortable and prevent harmful UV rays from damaging your home. You’ll see the energy savings that are created from our windows immediately because they are the greatest during the summer months.

While Spring and Summer are the best months to get this job done, there are also benefits to doing it during the colder parts of the year. Either way if you are thinking about getting your windows replaced, schedule a free consultation where one of our experts will help determine the time time of the year and kind of windows to have installed in the home.

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