Casement Windows for Homeowners in Newington, CT

Casement Windows Newington

Casement windows feature hinges along one side, allowing the full window to swing open outward. This unique design allows for a great amount of ventilation and are especially useful in places where it would be difficult to slide a window up to open it – such as over a kitchen sink. They can be installed as a standalone window or in combination with other window styles depending on the space and the aesthetic you’re looking to achieve. If you’re considering having new casement windows installed on your home in or around Newington, Connecticut, the company to turn to is Peoples Products.

Offering HR40 Casement Windows for Exceptional Clarity and Efficiency

At Peoples Products, we proudly offer our very own line of HR40 windows. These windows offer many benefits that make them an ideal option for homeowners throughout southern New England. HR40 casement windows offer:

  • Great clarity – We use premium glass in our windows that allow for better clarity than the average window. The result? More light is able to enter the home and brighten up your rooms.
  • Energy efficiency – Superior insulating features such as mirror technology and Krypton gas fills between the glass panes allows for exceptional energy efficiency. These windows will help keep your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the changing seasons.

What’s more, our trained and experienced technicians will attend to every detail during the installation of your new casement windows. When the installation is complete, you can expect your new HR40 windows to look and function flawlessly for years to come.

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Want to learn more about what makes our HR40 replacement windows so great? Contact us today for more information on the casement windows and other window options we offer and install for homeowners in Newington, CT, and throughout southern New England.

“Quality service & product. The HR40 window is a high quality window, I love the safety features it has to offer. The salesman did a great job, along with the rest of the staff in the company.”

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Double Hung Windows
Bay & Bow Windows
Glider Windows
Casement Windows
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Dual Sashes
For Unparalleled Versatility

Double-hung windows feature two sashes that you can slide up and down independently of each other. This allows for more ventilation options than a single hung window offers.

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Connect Windows
To Add Architectural Interest to Your Home

Bay windows are placed at angles to create a panoramic view while bow windows are installed to form a half circle. Either style can create unique seating areas and offer gorgeous, wide views of the outdoors.

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Expand Your View
With Gliding Sashes

Glider windows slide smoothly on horizontal tracks, making operation a breeze and offering an expansive view of outdoor scenery.

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Sophisticated Operation
For Maximum Ventilation

Our casement windows feature an easy-to-operate rotating lever that opens the sash fully, allowing for maximum ventilation and more natural light than other window styles provide.

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A Small Window
For Tight Spots

Hopper windows are hinged horizontally across the bottom of the unit and swing inward instead of outward. Perfect in small areas where full-size windows won’t fit, such as basements, hoppers usher in extra light and air.

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Abundant Ventilation
With Visual Appeal

Unlike hopper windows, awning windows are hinged horizontally across the top of the unit and swing outward instead of inward. They are easily operated and can be placed alongside other window styles for visual interest and added ventilation.

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A Decorative Window
To Display Your Indoor Garden

Garden windows protrude from the home, providing an excellent spot to display your potted herbs or flowers. With a greenhouse-like design and operational side casements, these windows flood plants with light and fresh air.

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A Clear View
Of the Great Outdoors

Non-operational picture windows feature maximum glass surface with slim frames to create a stunning, wide-angle view of the landscape. Pair picture windows with casement or double hung windows for ventilation.

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“Windows and sliding glass door were a big improvement from what I had. No drafts and a noticeable difference. They are easy to clean because of the tilt feature which I think is very nice. The neighbor even got the same Windows! They also block out the noise very well which is a plus.”

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