The First Impression – Your Home’s Door

Old Door, Old House; New Door, New Home

When it comes to your home, your front entryway is the center focus of curb appeal. It is your homes first impression to any guests, it plays a major role when selling your home. To any potential buyers, this is the first thing they see. In 2015, main entry doors came in as #1 as the most valuable improvement you could make for resale. Even beating out renovations to the bathroom, kitchens and even the master bedroom additions. The value that a new front entryway adds to the impression your home can have, lands it as one of the best investments you can make.

Not in the market for a brand new door?

There are a few less expensive alternatives to boost your home’s curb appeal. Decorations can play a role as many people boost the appearance of the front of their house by using colorful plants and flowers to give their home some vibrancy and life! This is never a bad idea if you are on a tight budget. Another option would be to switch up the color of your front door with a fresh coat of paint. When considering a change of color, ensure you stay within the style of your home. An option for someone with an older house with a solid wooden entryway would be to stain and polish the door rather than painting it; maintaining the look and feel of your home.

Stylelite Door
Stylelite by Provia

If it is time for a new door, you do have some options; traditional solid wood and fiberglass doors are the most common. Our Stylelite front doors by ProVia are the most energy efficient doors around. All Stylelite fiberglass entryways are foam filled with thermally efficient insulation and sealed with weatherproof adhesive. ComforTech glazing packages adds an extra layer of insulation to the already superior Stylelite door line. If you’re looking to impress, all Stylelite doors have designed glass options and they look amazing.

If you think your front entryway, or any door for that matter, needs to be switched out due to damage or age, please don’t try to fix it yourself. Have a professional look at it. Peoples Products offers a free door quote and estimate, so if you think it is about that time for your new door, be sure to contact us.

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