Siding: The Body Of Your Home, Keep It In Shape

Don’t let siding fall by the sideline.

If you are looking to sell your house, the name of the game is boosting the value of your home.  One of the best ways to do so is to have your old siding replaced. It’s sometimes hard to tell when siding needs replacing. Homeowners tend to only see damaged siding when it’s become completely decrepit and falling apart. It is very important to have your siding in peak condition, as it can result in leaks, water damage and infestation.  A commonly asked question from homeowners is “Will new siding rejuvenate my home enough to make it worth the cost”?

Replacing your siding is not always at the top of your priorities when it comes to home improvements, but it should be.  Luckily there are specific things the homeowner should look for in determining whether a home needs improvement.  For instance, the homeowner’s first concern is typically the faded outer wall. Fading can indicate a larger issue, when vinyl is faded, it could also mean the your home’s waterproof is potentially compromised. This can lead to water infiltration and structural damage.

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Keep Your Home in Shape

Noticing Curb Appeal

A more noticeable burden you may encounter is your vinyl rotting or cracking.  In any event, cracked, broken, or loose pieces of siding must be removed and replaced. Otherwise, water may seep behind those pieces and cause problems down the road.  This can also create rotting beneath the initial layers which can then generate molding and a whole new problem for you and your family.  Another common troubled area is that bubbles can appear beneath the outer wall, indicating that water has become trapped.

Luckily, checking for these issues isn’t difficult.  Stand about 50 yards away and look for missing pieces of siding, fading or any other significant damages you can see at distance.  When getting close to the home you can check for mildew or rotting.  Most importantly look for cracks and holes. This could become an efficiency issue, letting the external climate into your home, increasing your energy usage.

When selling a home, the roof and the siding will be the first two parts of the home the buyer will look at.  These are the introduction to the rest of the world whom are driving past your home.  Don’t let your old home’s curb appeal stand in the way of a successful home sale.  Stylelite Siding and Panels by Prodigy are designed to deliver a WOW! from all angles.  With the most marvelous colors Stylelite products are designed to give your home the best look in the neighborhood.

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